October 14 2019

Translink Director's Meeting October 2019

In the wonderful city of Venice our last 3-day Director’s Meeting has just ended. It involved more than 70 representatives from 20 of our worldwide Translink offices, and was characterized by more than 100 One to One meetings.

During the first day at the Confindustria Venezia office, whose President Vincenzo Marinese was also present, a round table was hosted by Translink and moderated by Otello Dalla Rosa, Managing Director of Euromeccanica in the field of “Growing Nationally and Globally through M&A, Development Opportunities for Italian Business”. The conference was attended by numerous entrepreneurs from the Veneto region. The event was the occasion to overview a global economic situation and offer opportunities for local and international development of Italian companies through M&A. At the end of the meeting the entrepreneurs had the chance to meet the present international Translink partners in person.

The second day was characterized by the six-monthly meeting during which the Partners underlined the growth trend of the current global trade landscape from each country’s point of view with the relevant important items of change concerning business area and sectors to be developed. In addition, the actual state of deals was discussed. In the afternoon, the individual industrial groups Automotive, Logistics & Transportation, IT, Manufacturing & Distribution and Food gathered to present updates on their developments, discuss strategies and lay the grounds for future deal opportunities.

The final day was entirely dedicated to One to One meetings between the delegates from the 20 different international Translink branch offices. Each partner, based on the different country area and sector dealt with, met with his peers to discuss and update on possible opportunities in cross border deals and new strategies for commercial development.

During the evening the Best Deal Awards were presented to the French and South African offices for the Veolia/DCLM deal (Veolia acquired a majority stake in DCLM) which they were involved in.

The next Directors’ Meeting will take place in March 2020 in Shanghai.


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  • “I’m very glad about this win-win strategic cooperation with Kiwa. BCC will further enrich its competitiveness in the certification business and enter into the lab testing field as new growing points. Meanwhile, BCC provides a solid foundation for Kiwa to expand into the China and Asia Pacific market. We also thank Translink CF for introducing such a high quality strategic partner to BCC. Even though Translink is advisor for the buy side, they acted fairly and were very experienced and managed professionally throughout the whole process.

    Huang Quan,
    Chairman of BCC Inc
  • "The Translink team executed the entire transaction process. I can warmly recommend them for any Corporate Finance-assignments"

    Chairman of the Board, Anneli Koivunen,
    Priorite Group
  • "Translink’s advisory ensured successful sales process completion with the terms that satisfied all the owners."

    CEO and founder, Tomi Pulkki,
    HopLop Oy
  • "Translink Peakstone’s thoughtful guidance and dedication throughout the entire process were critical to achieving a very successful outcome that met all of our transaction objectives."

    CEO, Mike Gibney,
  • "Translink is a determined advisor. The outcome of the transaction was in line with our expectations. I believe the transaction will ensure Amomatic even better chances for continuous growth and development"

    Former Chairman of the Board,
    Olavi Ruokonen, Amomatic Oy