March 23 2020

The Italian office of Translink Corporate Finance announces that it been exclusively mandated by Re Mago Ltd, active in software provision to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), to raise financial resources and search for financial investors and/or industrial partners to support the Company’s international development plan.

Re Mago, founded in 2012 and based in London, develops software to manage and optimize classrooms, business meetings, and virtual conferences. Its products are currently on the market under the Valarea brand.
Valarea’s visual collaboration and webinar software functions across all commonly used devices and operating systems (including iOS and Android). Valarea is characterized by extreme ease-of-use, a full set of unique functions to create real collaborative spaces, and the ability to communicate with different hardware. The final goal is to enable virtual meetings without losing the nuances and goodwill of in-person meetings. The Company’s open-architecture software is developed in Rimini, Italy and Toulouse, France.
Valarea is also easy to integrate with other collaborative software such as Microsoft Teams. It expands the capabilities of a Teams session by enabling real-time connection to a smartphone or tablet that will act as a digital whiteboard. Participants will be able to easily annotate PDF and MS Office files during a meeting. Valarea can also enable users to share notes or images from physical whiteboards and paper in real-time as they are created. These new features allow computers without a touchscreen to upgrade their collaboration capabilities with a connected smartphone or tablet.
The market is experiencing fast growth fueled by the increasing need of companies to reduce costs and improve operations. The industry is characterized by its focus on the premium segment with a small number of players (chiefly Microsoft and Cisco).
Re Mago’s technological innovations has elevated its presence on the world stage. The Company was Intel’s official partner at CES in Las Vegas in 2016 in collaboration with Foxconn.
Valarea’s rich features have led to Re Mago products being embraced by renowned organizations such as Ricoh, Econocom, Prada, Samsung, and Politecnico di Milano. The Company’s customers value the high-level of customization, the capacity to host many participants (up to 1000 per session), and accessible value-for-money pricing.
Re Mago’s three-year development plan (2020-2022) sets out a total investment of around €14 m dedicated to technology (42%), international expansion (18%) and early stage overhead costs (40%). Currently Re Mago is present in Italy, France, and the United Kingdom.
Re Mago’s business model for Valarea is implemented through four sales channels: 1) Direct to OEM customers in the form of a white-label products; 2) Collaboration with systems integrators, which allows Re Mago’s qualified partners to sell to and assist end consumers; 3) B2B cloud sales for freelancers and SMEs; and 4) B2C cloud sales to small teams and private individuals.
The current tragic Coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for companies and educational institutions to adopt new digital tools. As an increasing number of employees work from home and schools expand distance-learning activities, Valarea can assist a new and expanded user base of businesses, students and professors not currently included in the company’s business plan.
For a full overview of Valare’s capabilities, please see this video.
Valarea is now featured on the Government of Italy’s website for digital solidarity set up for the Coronavirus emergency. Re Mago, as part of this initiative aimed at curbing the socio-economic impact of the novel Coronavirus, is making Valarea available to all impacted citizens and businesses free of charge. For as long as the period of emergency lasts, Valarea’s premium features will be free to anyone who registers.
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